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MaMa in the Holler

What makes life in the holler so special in a little girl's eyes? The smell of homemade biscuits, chasing chickens in the yard, and helping MaMa with her daily chores always make for a fun visit. But the greatest gift of all is knowing how much she's loved, and that every moment spent with her grandmother is a memory she'll carry with her forever.

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Santa's Lost Putter

Santa has a shiny, brand new putter made especially for him by his elves. With the North Pole Golf Tournament just around the corner, Santa can't wait to try it out and get in some much needed practice. 

Too bad no one told Trumpet about Santa's favorite hobby. Seems the newest elf mistook the putter for a toy, and it got delivered somewhere in the world on Christmas Eve.

Come join Trumpet and his fellow comrades as they make a mad dash to find the lost putter before Santa wakes up from his nap. 

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Peyton's Candy Cane Adventure

When was your last adventure? Peyton, an adventurous rabbit with a big heart, has a surprise for her family. The only problem is she has no idea how a small bunny like she is can get such a big candy cane home without help. Journey with Peyton as she slips, slides, jumps, and swings her way home with her candy cane—all with the help of an interesting array of chatty, high-spirited friends!

Tatum's Magical Twinkling Tangerine Dust

Tatum loves to fly around on Halloween and play guardian angel over all the little kiddies. To ensure they have fun, Tatum has a secret weapon to make all the “meanies” not so scary - her magical, twinkling tangerine dust! It's not so easy being mean when you've been sprinkled with tangerine!

Peyton's Purple Pumpkin Hip Hop Party

When a coven of witches arrive to stir up trouble, they're fascinated by Peyton's hip hop moves. Suddenly, their hexes, chants, and spells don't seem quite so exciting. They want to learn to dance like Peyton! In return, they've got a big surprise for the girl who's crazy about free-styling.

Ryland's Rocking Rousing Rebel Rumble

Ryland loves to box. He uses all the skills and moves he's learned to prove he won't back down from four hungry-looking werewolves on Halloween Night. It may be four against one, but he's about to find out just how far his courage can take him.

Austyn's Awesome Zombie Dirt Bike Ride

It's Halloween Eve, and Austyn is enjoying a midnight ride on his prized dirt bike. When three scary zombies interrupt his thrills and chills, he challenges them to learn to ride as well. Soon, a race is underway, and the zombies forget about everything but the ride. Austyn's quick thinking gives everyone a chance to win.

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